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PSD to HTML Convertion

PSD is an extension of Adobe Photoshop. When you design the layout of your website, you save it in a PSD format. This format must be converted to an XHTML format for your website to function properly on the internet. We, at JNT Pixels, offer expert services to convert your PSD file to an XHTML format. If you have your design ready on PSD and the only thing left is to turn it into a fully functional, working and usable website, our expert website developers have the expertise and experience to code and convert it to XHTML in a way that will enhance the visibility of your website on the internet.

Our developers code your PSD format to an XHTML script, which is understandable and readable. Semantic XHTML coding enhances your internet visibility, which goes a long way in building your brand image on the internet. We make sure that your website is cross-browser and multi-browser compatible.


HTML5 is the latest iteration of that markup language, and includes new features, improvements to existing features, and scripting-based APIs. That said, HTML5 is not a reformulation of previous versions of the language — it includes all valid elements from both HTML4 and XHTML 1.0. Furthermore, it’s been designed with some primary principles in mind to ensure it works on just about every platform, is compatible with older browsers, and handles errors gracefully.

CSS3 is the latest version of the CSS specification. The term “CSS3” is not just a reference to the new features in CSS, but the third level in the progress of the CSS specification . CSS3 contains just about everything that’s included in CSS2.1 (the previous version of the spec). It also adds new features to help developers solve a number of problems without the need for non-semantic markup, complex scripting, or extra images. New features in CSS3 include support for additional selectors, drop shadows, rounded corners, multiple backgrounds, animation, transparency, and much more.

Web Design & Development

A website isn’t just a place. It’s an experience. By combining great design with multimedia know-how and proven online strategies, we can make this happen for you too. We believe that a website is the ultimate destination for your customers. It’s a place they can go to learn about you, interact with your brand and connect with you as a business. With our holistic approach to web design, we’ll ensure that your site compliments an existing brand or that it is developed to reflect a new identity that we have created on your behalf.

In this ever-changing environment, we design sites with the future in mind, avoiding the need for an extensive re-build or re-design if you ever want to make adjustments.

WordPress (CMS)

WordPress is a leading website platform on the internet today. With its extensive theme and plug-in directory, WordPress can be tailored to fit any needs. WordPress Multisite gives you the ability of running multiple sites with a single install of WordPress. WordPress Multisite is ideal for creating a network of sites with easy administration of each individual website.

We provide a wordpress website to power your business for a quick and easy way to be up and running. WordPress, a preferred content management system that provides business owners & individuals with many benefits. The ultimate goal of our company is to provide best website to our customers with our quality service and support.


If you have a simple product to sell and a desire to expand your sales online, there are a few tools you can use to get started.

Websites such as SquareSpace and WordPress offer mobile-friendly ready-to-go e-commerce templates that help you get a store up and running quickly. As a shop owner, you will need a way to collect credit card payments from consumers online. PayPal, Square and Google Wallet are all popular ways of accepting and managing online payments.

Landing Page Design

The Goal of Designing and Implementation of Landing pages is to make users flow towards your desired action. A Landing Page is just a web Page to get response from your visitors. By bringing the visitor at this page, we significantly increase the chance of creating a lead.

An attractive landing page design is as important as focusing on the right keywords. We emphasize more to maximize the web usability and conversion ratio while designing a landing page.

Responsive Design

Today, websites are being consumed on a variety of devices, not just the traditional desktop computer of yesterday. Now, users are visiting websites from their phone, tablet, TV, games console, as well as their laptop and desktop computers. We need to adapt to the change in size and variety of devices that are on the market, and being released every month. To handle all these devices, the latest technique of Responsive Web Design (RWD) is being employed more and more, especially over the traditional method of creating a separate desktop site and mobile site. Google has announced that it prefers to see sites work responsively as there is only one single page for all content. The process of responsive web design works by making the website expand and contract based on the width of the browser in question. Take this site for example, you can make your browser window smaller and you will see the elements on the page reposition themselves to adapt to the different size. This works on all devices including phone, Android, iPad, small laptop screens, and large desktop screens.

There is still a case for having dedicated mobile websites, with limited content for particular users. Depending on a clients particular requirements, this may be a solution worth implementing and we have found that this can only be determined on a case by case basis.

Bootstrap Design

Advancement of technologies and Internet has also created a need for creating more efficient website faster. Bootstrap framework is answer to woos of front end web developer. It is an open-source framework developed by Twitter. This framework is based on JavaScript which is further combined with HTML and CSS to make the task of developing interface components easier.

Bootstrap being a responsive framework; it is ideal for developing websites that are compatible on wide range of mobile devices. With bootstrap web design, you can have a website that is compatible on PCs, Laptops, Tablets, and mobile phones. Bootstrap web design and bootstrap web development services are best suited for those who are looking for faster web development along with being compatible for range of mobile devices.

Graphics Design

Graphic Design is all about communication and making an impression. It is a visual representation of your business. Quality graphic design will improve your marketing materials in many ways and can help your business come across as successful and professional. The main function of graphic design for your business is to present a consistent brand identity throughout all of your marketing campaigns and to immediately grab the attention of your target audience.

Logo design is one of the most important aspects of your brand identity to consider. The design of your logo will influence the look and feel of all aspects of the company brand, from the color schemes for your advertising materials, to the style of your website.

Graphic Design solutions we offer include:

  • 1. Corporate Identity
  • 2. Logo Design
  • 3. Stationery Design
  • 4. Business Card Design
  • 5. Brochure Design
  • 6. Packaging Design
  • 7. Flyer Design
  • 8. Poster Design
  • 9. Book Cover Design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is all about optimizing your website for search engines, and when it is found, making sure they can read it properly so you are indexed in their results where you want to be. It's not enough to just put a site up online and hope you get traffic. We, as web designers, need to code your website so that it efficiently read by the search engines, we know what each page is about, and ensure there is nothing holding your site back from ranking better in the results.

We know the standard SEO practice, we know what to do and what not to do. You can rest assured that a site designed by JNT Pixels, will be done to the highest SEO standard.